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Pattern Dress Guards suitable for a 28 inch bike

suitable for a bike with a fender and a small edge on the inside without rim brakes.


You will receive:

* Booklet in English (16 pages) with the pattern of the dressguards.

* 38 black Simeli clips (4 extra)

* 2 lockable rings to pull the loops together at the bottom of the dress guards

* 4 tie-wraps (2 extra) to attach the dress guards to the bike.


You will also need:

* Hook needle number 2

* Yarn for crochet hook no. 2 (DMC Petra no. 5)

Possibly silver and/or gold yarn (Ricorumi) which I would recommend because that makes the dressguards an even more beautiful piece of jewelry for your bike. You need a total of about 100 grams of yarn.

* 36 round beads 8 mm (glass beads)

* Thin needle to thread beads

* Plug needle


English Pattern Dress Guards, Simeli Clips & Rings

Colour Clips

Wheel Size


Bike -  28 inch


Wheelchiar - 24 inch

100% cotton


Crocheted from 100% cotton and enriched with glass beads.


The dress guards will be attached by clips to the fender.


Spoke guards are attached with clips to an iron ring so the crochet can be washed if necessary.


The clips can withstand all weather conditions. After a rainy day the crochetwork will dry again like laundry on the line....