Set Crocheted Dress Guards

Including instruction of use and fixing materials: Simeli clips (2extra), 4 tie wraps (2 extra)


Colors: All colours come together...

Bead: all colours

Clips: black


Wheel size 28 inch

The dress guards will fit your bike if the fender has a small edge on the inside and if the bike has no rim brakes because there is only a hole to accommodate the lock. The dress guards are not suitable for electric bikes.




Wheel Size


Bike -  28 inch


Wheelchiar - 24 inch

100% cotton

Crocheted from 100% cotton and enriched with glass beads.


The dress guards will be attached by clips to the fender.


Spoke guards are attached with clips to an iron ring so the crochet can be washed if necessary.

The clips can withstand all weather conditions. After a rainy day the crochetwork will dry again like laundry on the line....



Handmade and unique and therefore never quite the same...

Bicycle Jewelry
Crocheted Dress Guards

Skirt Guards

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Crocheted Spoke Guards / Wheel Covers