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modellen: Rachel Luntungan - Sandra Hincu

Wheel Size


Bike -  28 inch


Wheelchiar - The wheel covers fit on a wheelchair if the inner dimension of the wheel is at least 55, 50 or 45 cm.

100% cotton


Crocheted from 100% cotton and enriched with glass beads.


The dress guards will be attached by clips to the fender.


Spoke guards are attached with clips to an iron ring so the crochet can be washed if necessary.


The clips can withstand all weather conditions. After a rainy day, the crochetwork will dry again like laundry on the line....


Quirky facts

‘Dress guard’ according to the Dikke van Dale (Dutch dictionary):

oilcloth or plastic lining partially surrounding the rear wheel of a
bicycle to prevent a jacket or skirt from coming into contact with the wheel.

There is no country in the world which pays so much attention to dress guards as The Netherlands does. In other countries there are fewer bicycles anyway, but the bikes there are usually don’t have dress guards. In hot countries this is only logical. Nobody wears a long coat which needs protection and women with their long skirts do not ride a bicycle. In this respect,  the dress guard may be regarded as a unexpected symbol of women’s emancipation.

Long live the dress guard !


model: Sophie Morgan

Simeli Clips

Simeli in collaboration with Roy van Binsbergen

has designed the Simeli Clip.
The crocheted dress guards are attached in an aesthetic way to the fender by these clips. The dress guards will fit your bike if the fender has a small edge on the inside and if the bike has no rim brakes because there is only a hole to accommodate the lock.

These clips are also used to attach the crochetwork to an iron ring to make the Wheel Covers for a wheelchair.

Simeli Clips detail

model: Meia Linde



Handmade and unique and therefore never quite the same...

also for efix.jpg



The wheel covers also fit on electric e-fix wheels (except the flower power designs).


Also suitable for a 28 inch electric bike with a fender with a small edge on the inside


model: Sandy Deurloo


Flower Power

The Flower Power Collection is inspired by the Hippies. These were idealistic young people who wanted to improve the world. One of their main mottos was: ‘Make love, not war’. Flowerpower was also expressed in clothing and hair: bright patterns, colours and flowers.

model: Jannie Kloppenburg

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